The True View of Life

Do you feel that life is closing in on you? Have you accepted the belief that circumstances have somehow got you trapped? These feelings are not uncommon. In fact, probably most of us have at some time succumbed to such depressing suggestions. There is, however, absolutely no reason why we should accept these arguments as true. Although the thought may at first seem surprising, all we need to do is change our viewpoint.

If we examine the concept of life and circumstances just referred to, we will probably find that they are based entirely on a material view of things. According to the teachings of Christian Science, the material view of life is always erroneous. In Science and Health Mrs. Eddy writes: "If life were in mortal man or material things, it would be subject to their limitations and would end in death. Life is Mind, the creator reflected in His creations." Science and Health, p. 331; It is vitally important to human happiness and fulfillment that we regard everything from this spiritual viewpoint. The only way of escape from the treadmill of mortal existence is through discovery of the true view that man is not material but spiritual.

The Horeb Height
December 5, 1970

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