Never Give Up!

Two little girls were running very fast to catch the school bus. They had not gone far when one of the little girls stopped and cried out, "It's no use! We'll never catch it." The other responded: "This is no time to stop. Keep going!" Soon both children were settled in the bus on the way to school.

"Keep going." What good counsel! How often, like the little girl, we seem to be delayed by suggestions of discouragement and fear! How often we cry out, "It's no use!" Then to us, as to that little girl, comes the angel message of perseverance: Keep going! Do not look back! Trust God! Be joyous! Be grateful for the good already received! We may be sure that light and healing are destined to appear, that, as we persist, joy and victory will dominate our day.

Dullness Is Not Good
September 6, 1969

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