Gratitude Heals

Few states of thought are so conducive to healing as that of gratitude. This wonderfully uplifting moral trait lets in the light of Truth, whereby it penetrates the darkness of mortal thinking and begins at once to obliterate everything unlike itself, thus restoring harmony.

Through the study of Christian Science, with its spiritual interpretation of the Scriptures, we learn to know and use gratitude in its fullest sense. Being taught that God made all that was made and was satisfied with His handiwork, as the first chapter of the Bible states, how can we refrain from praising Him and expressing our heartfelt appreciation for this all-pervading good? The correct view of the real creation—perfect God and His perfect reflection, man and the universe—destroys doubt, discouragement, unhappiness, and fear. What a wonderful assurance we possess when we know that God, divine Love, is supreme over all His creation!

Why Should We Love Our Enemies?
May 24, 1969

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