Coincidence? No, Law

A teen-ager recently commented to my child, "Even though so many people testify to healings in your religion, couldn't each be the result of coincidence?" My father, a research chemist, always had an answer for this argument. "In physical and chemical research," he said, "whenever we find a large number of coincidences, we look for the underlying law." In this manner many great discoveries have been made in the physical sciences.

Is it coincidence when a spacecraft, with a whole universe before it, lands on the moon? No, it is understanding of physical and astronomical laws. A space capsule is subject to the men directing it. In the spiritual realm, an understanding through Christian Science of the laws of Principle, which govern the real, spiritual man, keeps us poised in health, harmony, and happiness. Since God is changeless good, there is no place within the divine scheme for chance. By directing thought to the law of good, we are able to understand and prove that man cannot slip out of his divine course. Mrs. Eddy writes, "God's law is in three words, 'I am All;' and this perfect law is ever present to rebuke any claim of another law." No and Yes, p. 30; It is this law that enables mankind to correct sickness as well as sin.

Gratitude Heals
May 24, 1969

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