In Retrospection and Introspection Mrs. Eddy writes (p. 21),...

In Retrospection and Introspection Mrs. Eddy writes (p. 21), "It is well to know, dear reader, that our material, mortal history is but the record of dreams, not of man's real existence, and the dream has no place in the Science of being." She states further, "The heavenly intent of earth's shadows is to chasten the affections, to rebuke human consciousness and turn it gladly from a material, false sense of life and happiness, to spiritual joy and true estimate of being." It is my desire to show how Christian Science proved for me that trials and affliction are unreal, dreams, and turned me from a false material sense of existence into a new understanding of life, health, and happiness.

When I first began the study of Christian Science, I was the mother of two small children and was overwhelmed with a human sense of responsibility. Faulty, worrisome thinking had led to a condition of extreme nervous exhaustion, which included such manifestations as frequent headaches, fainting spells, and fits of depression. Finally I realized my great need and turned unreservedly to Christian Science. Both my mother and grandmother had already proven the efficacy of this religion.

March 22, 1969

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