Reverse the Effects of Accident!

Man made in the likeness of God is not subject to accidents. As Christian Science insists, man is spiritual and indestructible, entirely apart from the physical sense of life in which accidents claim to occur. We must know man as an idea in divine Mind, or God, if we are to avoid accidents or obliterate the effects of those that have taken place.

We can easily see that the mathematical idea two is not in the figure 2 chalked upon a blackboard. Devastating things can happen to the chalk mark, but this does not affect the idea two. And what happens to flesh and bones has no effect upon real identity, which is Mind's idea. This idea is indestructible because it is made up of immutable substance, such as joy, love, intelligence, and an infinitude of other God-derived elements. The distinction between the divine idea and the flesh must be kept clear if scientific healing of the effect of accident on human beings is to be accomplished.

God Enables Man
November 29, 1969

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