God Enables Man

Many people are faced with the question as to whether they are able to cope with their experience. When confronted with complex demands or accumulated frustrations, they may be tempted to run away, to try to escape, to resign. Then is the time to learn the value of prayer. One can realize the presence of God, divine Mind, and reflect the wisdom and strength that always accompany that presence. No situation is beyond the reach of divine Love. After he had faced repeated trials and sometimes very frustrating experiences, Paul came forth with this dynamic statement: "I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me." Phil. 4:13; Very evidently he knew the presence of God that meets all human needs.

To demonstrate the power of God, one must first recognize his need for the higher resources of Soul. He must acknowledge that human intellect and personal ability are insufficient to meet the demands of his experience. This takes humility—an acknowledgment of man's dependence upon God. But this is the open door to a higher understanding of God and a greater freedom in expressing the qualities of God. It clears the way for the inspiration of divine Love to pour into human consciousness.

November 29, 1969

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