To Reap Fruit a Hundredfold

A field that brought forth a hundredfold! Here is an image of abundant fruitage, of a great field with grain grown high and bursting in the ear, grain that would sell at such a price the tiller of the soil would rejoice in the reward of his labor. Christ Jesus certainly knew how to illustrate spiritual truths in parables like this one of the sower (see Luke 8:5-15). The Word of God that is sown in a good consciousness bears abundant fruit. But Jesus' warning stands today. Beware of the cares and riches and pleasures of this world that would choke the seed of Truth!

Cares, riches, and pleasures affect our ability to reap the fruit of health, harmony, and happiness our labors deserve. How thoroughly we must cultivate the ground of our thinking! Here is where our mental arguments take place; here is where each one talks to himself. The words used in this conversation can be those that are instigated by the carnal, or mortal mind or those that come from God. Sometimes both are there at the same time, the tares and wheat growing side by side.

No One Offended
November 22, 1969

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