Is Your God Able?

The beloved story of Daniel in the lions' den is one that always brings inspiration. What a glorious example of one standing firmly for his God! Even though Daniel knew of the conspiracy against him—on a trumped-up charge by his envious co-workers, based on this very loyalty to his God—he went right on worshiping his God in his usual way. He did not try to hide his worship, change his God, or alter his mode of worship to pacify his persecutors. He continued serving his God with unswerving and forthright allegiance.

What selfless love for God Daniel must have had to be willing to go through such a severe testing time! He must have had a wonderful, clear sense of God's allness, His all-power, all-inclusive goodness and ever-presence. He must have been sure that there is only one God, one creator, who is good, governing and maintaining creation in perfect love, harmony, and unity. How close to God Daniel must have been to follow and trust Him completely!

"Zero defects"
May 4, 1968

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