Defending Right Institutions

Certain institutions have evolved in human society which help to stabilize it and lead the race into higher states of existence. Perhaps the two most important stabilizing institutions are the Church and marriage. Regardless of the corruption of Christianity which the Church represented through some centuries of its existence, the Church has had its beneficent influence on mankind. It always preserved the Bible and reminded its adherents that there is an invisible God to be worshiped.

Purification of the Church and improvement in the social order have gone hand in hand in countries predominantly Christian. Moral standards set forth in the Ten Commandments have slowly crept into legislation. The love that protects individual rights and life has emerged as humane steps taken to help the downtrodden. In this age, through the discovery and founding of Christian Science by Mary Baker Eddy, the Church of Christ, Scientist, is bringing to mankind the truth of being and the understanding of spiritual power that heals sickness and sin and all discord. In fact, it is restoring the lost element of healing to Christian worship.

"An unerring impetus"
January 28, 1967

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