About sixty years ago, when I had little knowledge of Christian Science...

About sixty years ago, when I had little knowledge of Christian Science, the efficacy of this helpful, practical religion was revealed to me. Coming from bright sunshine into a darkened room, I stepped into an open trapdoor where a workman had just finished building stairs to the basement. In my fall to the cement floor below, two stairs were broken. I was brought to my room in a dazed, hysterical condition. The friend who was with me was a Christian Scientist. When I became calm, I told her I would like to rely on Christian Science treatment. I received no medical attention of any kind, and two days later, owing to the prayerful work of the Scientist, I was able to resume normal activity. The only physical evidence of my mishap was a bruise on a bone at the back of my neck, and in a few weeks this too disappeared.

In later years, while in an unconscious condition, I was taken to a hospital with a fractured shoulder blade. Many X-ray pictures were taken; the verdict of a conference of doctors was that my arm would be permanently disabled. When I recovered consciousness, I explained that I did not wish the doctors to do anything to the bone; and I asked to be released from the hospital. When I returned home, I telephoned a practitioner, and I relied solely on Christian Science treatment.

January 28, 1967

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