The True Attraction

What drawing power! Five thousand men left whatever they were doing and followed him out into the country, disregarding even the need for food. What would the contemporary advertising man not give to be able to draw people to his clients' products like that! Yet the Bible does not record that Christ Jesus used any specific kind of "sell" to motivate the crowds that thronged him. It was the irresistible impulsion of Spirit, the yearning for Truth that lies in every human heart, which caused those multitudes to relinquish their worldly pursuits and go out into the desert for spiritual food. And they were fed.

The spiritualizing and healing activity of the Christ is carried on today by the Church of Christ, Scientist, and this church, rightly understood, manifests the same power of attraction that Jesus manifested. The years since his ascension have had no more effect on Truth's power over human thought than the Middle Ages had on the roundness of the earth. The power is undiminished in intensity but must be spiritually acknowledged before it will be humanly evident.

What Is Health?
March 26, 1966

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