"Beautiful garments"

[Of Special Interest to Children]

Billy was almost old enough to go to school, but he had not yet learned to dress himself. Mother reminded him often that it was important to know how to do this for himself. Over and over again she showed him how to do it, but Billy did not want to learn. It was so much easier to sit still and let Mother do it for him. He did not like the struggle of pulling the tight shirt over his head and finding the right places for his arms. It was hard to push the buttons carefully into their holes and difficult to make a bow out of two wobbly shoestrings.

One Monday morning Mother was hurrying to get Father's breakfast before getting Billy dressed. She explained, saying they had slept late; so she would not have time to take care of him till later. There was a little frown of crossness on her face as she said it. Some time later when Father had gone on his way and Mother had sat down at the breakfast table to catch her breath, Billy came up behind her and said, "Mother, have you put on your 'beautiful garments' today?"

The Recompense of Divine Love
October 6, 1962

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