"The microscope of Spirit"

"O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together." This counsel from Psalms (34:3) is an invitation to us today to recognize the might of God, when matter, sin, disease, discord, and death seem so blatantly to magnify themselves in our lives. Evil may sometimes appear to be so prevalent that we feel almost a complete absence of good, but the seeming power of evil is due only to the mortal tendency to balloon in thought that which is sordid, base, and ungodlike and to overlook good.

In Truth, good is all that exists. If mankind would give as much devotion to the magnification of God in their thoughts as they give to the magnification of that which is worthless, baseless, or untrue, the evils that beset them would soon vanish into nothingness, whence they came.

August 20, 1960

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