[The above is substantially the text of the program released for broadcast the weekend of August 12–14 in the radio series, "How Christian Science Heals," heard internationally over approximately 700 stations. This is one of the weekly programs produced by the Christian Science Committee on Publication, 107 Falmouth Street, Boston 15, Massachusetts.]

RADIO PROGRAM No. 361 - Overcoming a Sense of Insecurity

SPEAKER: Many people today are dogged by a feeling of personal insecurity, and sometimes they feel the remedy lies in exploring the ramifications of the human mind. But the remedy lies much deeper. When you really get down to fundamentals, insecurity stems from a deep spiritual need. It involves a basic uncertainty as to one's own real value, purpose, identity; it involves fear, and the way to correct all this lies in the gaining of a proper sense of God and of man's relationship to Him, as our program is going to show. I think you'll find our guest's experience a helpful illustration of this. Let me introduce Mrs. Madeline Ver Planck, of East Lansing, Michigan.

MRS. VER PLANCK: For a long time I was troubled with some of those questions you mentioned. But it wasn't until I faced a crisis in my life that I found the answers and gained a sense of peace and security.

Church of the Air
Why Men Can Be Free
August 20, 1960

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