Three French Doctors

[Mentioned in Science and Health, p. 101]

Jean Baptiste Bouillaud (1796-1881) was renowned as a physician and professor and considered one of the best diagnosticians of his time. Born in Angoulême, he first studied under an uncle, a surgeon in the Army. Bouillaud received his degree in Paris in 1823. The following year he published a treatise which won first prize at the medical institute. At thirty he was elected to the Academy of Medicine, later becoming dean of its faculty and eventually its president. He represented Charente in the Constitutional Assembly of 1848. At a famous International Medical Congress held in Paris, Bouillaud was unanimously elected its president and brought to his office exquisite courtesy and immense knowledge.

Hippolyte Cloquet (1787-1840), a distinguished French anatomist, was born in Paris. There he received his education. In 1815 he won his doctor's degree with a thesis which dealt with odors and with the sense and organs of smell. He believed that smell was psychologically related to taste. For fifteen years he was the most distinguished professor of anatomy in France. He was editor of Nouveau, a journal of medicine, surgery, and pharmacy, and he translated into French one English work and one Italian. Besides being given an honorary Ph.D., he was made a member of the Academy of Medicine.

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December 12, 1959

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