Simply explained, a state of delusion is a mental condition in which falsity seems real. In such a state one entertains fixed misconceptions, or delusions. One's whole thought of life is changed when he learns through Christian Science that the mortal sense of existence is a deep sleep and that its experiences, its material forms, its sicknesses, and other physical sensations are not realities but delusions. Mary Baker Eddy gives this explanation in "No and Yes" (p. 4): "Disease is more than imagination; it is a human error, a constituent part of what comprise the whole of mortal existence,— namely, material sensation and mental delusion."

A Christian Science healing is the awakening from a delusion of the mortal dream. A thorough understanding that we are dealing only with fixed misconceptions is essential when working out the problems of human life. For if we realize that a disease or any other material discord is merely delusion, we can refuse to be deluded and can set about dissolving the materialism which believes in error's reality. Then we shall no longer be in the mental condition which evolves misconceptions and holds them in a state of fixedness.

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March 5, 1955

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