One of the results of the study of Christian Science is to awaken and develop in its students an awareness of the power and reality of good and to reveal to them the ever-presence of Spirit. An understanding of the falsity of material sense testimony and the reality of spiritual truths produces health and harmony in human experience. By his continued study of Christian Science the student begins to learn something of the nature of the truth which Christ Jesus said would make one free—free, that is, from the limitations and afflictions that pertain to a belief in the reality of evil and matter.

Many men and women are in bondage to the mistaken belief that they can be the victims of an evil power while at the same time being in the care of a loving heavenly Father. The false belief in what seems to be two opposing powers, good and evil, must be dispelled, for only one power really governs man and the universe. Christian Science reveals that evil is not an entity and has no Principle to sustain it. It is the erroneous belief in the absence of God, Spirit. The tenacity of this false belief is in proportion to the belief in matter and its so-called laws. Spirit and matter, good and evil, seem to be in conflict, but in reality there is and can be no conflict because good is the only presence. Spirit, Life, Truth, Love, are synonyms for God, the self-sustaining, eternal All. They know not their opposites— matter, death, error, hate—just as no darkness can be known or found where there is light. Evil loses its false claim to reality when the omnipotence of God, good, is demonstrated.

Centuries ago Christ Jesus, the Way-shower, taught and demonstrated to mankind that God, good, is the only power and presence, the only reality. He never for an instant entertained the false belief that his Father, God, was anything but omnipotent Love, the Principle that governs all harmoniously through spiritual laws. The inseparable unity of God and man is the spiritual truth revealed by Christ Jesus. This was the basis of all his wonderful works and is a fundamental point in the theology of Christian Science. Man as the expression of God, Spirit, embodies only what is spiritual, beautiful, indestructible, harmonious, eternal. Consequently the claim that man is material, inharmonious, or imperfect is false—a lie about his true being.

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October 30, 1954

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