Throughout all ages mankind has sought power: power for the individual and power for nations; power to overcome disease and find an all-time panacea that would bring lasting harmony to the body; power for light, for speed, for energy; power, in fact, to overcome the confines of a material world with its frailties of flesh and its limits of time and space. And the main portion of their efforts has embraced the material. They have concocted drugs and thought of matter as sustenance and security. They have harnessed water, made use of the minerals of the earth, the plants of the field, the rays of the sun, and now they explore the almost untapped resources of atomic power. In spite of this, Lincoln Barnett in his book "The Universe and Dr. Einstein" writes thus of natural scientists, the investigators of matter and the physical universe; "Right now it is a question whether scientific man is in touch with reality at all—or can ever hope to be."

Yet nearly two thousand years ago one humble man, not moving far from his birthplace, manifested power to overcome every material circumstance and adversary. He understood the source of true power, for he utilized the power of God. Jesus of Nazareth, the great Metaphysician, was truly a scientific man. He was thoroughly versed in Truth and continuously applying true knowledge. At all times he was in touch with reality. Christ Jesus constantly realized the omnipotence of Spirit, for his unlimited vision penetrated the shell of material evidence and found reality in spiritual cause. During his wilderness experience his constant, conscious oneness, or unity, with the Father proved powerful against the subtle suggestions from evil, suggestions that he should use spiritual power to assist him materially. Divine power could not be adulterated, and he returned from the wilderness "in the power of the Spirit." as we read in Luke (4;14).

January 2, 1954

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