[Of Special Interest to Young People]

When we long to feel the assurance of God's presence, how comforting it is to think of Him as Father. Christ Jesus proved to us that Father is not just a name for God, but it describes His changeless nature. The Master made his understanding of God practical, explaining it to us in a way that we can understand and use every day.

As we read the Gospels we see that Jesus did not just tell people things; again and again he proved the truth he was teaching. He not only gave them joy and inspiration, but also gave them health and life and food. When he had been teaching the multitude in the wilderness, his disciples' advice to send them away and let them buy food for themselves may have seemed sensible. But Jesus did not acquiesce and say, "I have been teaching them all day; let them go away and ponder what I have said;" nor did he say, "My responsibility is over; I have done enough for them." Instead, how reassuring his command to sit down "by companies upon the green grass" must have been to the multitude anxiously wondering, and how comforting to hear the Master's blessing on the meager offering of two fishes and five loaves!

October 17, 1953

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