Nearly thirty years ago Christian Science...

Nearly thirty years ago Christian Science was presented to my mother by one of her sisters. Almost immediately I was healed of asthma, from which I had suffered for several years. My brother and I were then small children, and we were entered in the Christian Science Sunday School, while our parents attended the church services. The truths learned in the Sunday School and in our home were of untold help to us in examinations, in finding our careers when we left school, in protecting us from so-called children's diseases, and in meeting other needs.

However, there was a testing time to come. From the time I was nineteen years of age I thought I knew how my future was going to unfold, and I was happily content in this knowledge. But after several years, events occurred which caused me to suffer much unhappiness and uncertainty, and I became aware that the path I had been taking was leading me away from Christian Science. Then I turned to a practitioner for help; in addition I received loving encouragement and support from my mother and a dear friend. Gradually I became willing to leave my future entirely in God's hands, and enlightenment came by my reading an article from one of our pamphlets called "God's Law of Adjustment." I saw that God is the Supreme Ruler and that He has a perfect plan for each one of His children, something much more wonderful than anything we might outline for ourselves, and that His plan is already established. Thus I learned to silence human desire and left all to His will. Shortly afterwards I met the one who was to become my husband. He too was a Christian Scientist, and together we have shared many blessings and much unfoldment.

Testimony of Healing
"Let us banish sickness as an outlaw,...
November 22, 1952

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