For many years I have had the...

For many years I have had the priceless advantages that Christian Science affords one. I attended the Sunday School at an early age and saw many healings take place in our family through the earnest study and efforts of my mother. Then as years went by and it was not possible for me to rely on her any longer, I found that I must prove for myself what I had been taught in Christian Science.

For a period of a few weeks a back ailment presented itself quite frequently, and I asked for help from a practitioner. This discomfort would disappear through our realization of the truth, but it would return again later on. However, I was up and about each day caring for two members of my family. Through daily study I realized that many false beliefs which were still being clung to, though unconsciously, must be overcome. Lovingly the practitioner showed me that while my desire to depend on God alone was good and right, fear was being manifested, and she explained that fear is lack of trust in God's goodness and wisdom. Though the suffering was at times intense, I knew the victory would come, and I prayed for courage to take my stand in the face of questionings from members of the household who were not interested in Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
I was brought up in an orthodox...
September 23, 1950

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