A recent experience made a deep...

A recent experience made a deep impression on me. My upper front teeth were separated by a space of about an eighth of an inch. I remarked to a friend that I should like to have an outstanding proof that would convince me that matter is not substance. At the same time I memorized a few words from a poem which brought out the thought that an understanding of God dissolves the sense of separateness. I repeated these lines to myself for a few days, and when I was led to look at the teeth, I saw to my amazement that the sense of separateness had indeed dissolved. The teeth had come together.

I was healed of the cigarette habit at a time when I was smoking more than thirty cigarettes a day. My first efforts were unavailing because people around me smoked, and the odor of smoke was so tantalizing that I could not resist the temptation. I explained this to the practitioner and had an instantaneous healing.

Testimony of Healing
In a desire to help others to realize...
August 19, 1950

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