I was sick and in pain for three...

I was sick and in pain for three or four years and went from one physician to another hoping to find one who could cure me. Each one I visited diagnosed my case differently. They called the trouble everything from a growth to tuberculosis. Three told me frankly that they did not know what ailed me. Then I finally went to a surgeon, who said he did not know either, but advised me to have an operation so they could see what the trouble was. I consented, and after the operation the surgeon and one of the doctors who helped came to my wife and told her that they had never seen a similar condition and that they had no idea what to call it or what to do to cure it. They said that as soon as I was out from under the anesthetic, the extreme pain would come back and that I could live only a short time. The pain did come back as predicted, and I was a great sufferer.

One of our friends, who had been healed by Christian Science, persuaded me to have treatment. When I went to the practitioner the first time, I was bent over with pain. She gave me a treatment, and I went home erect, free from pain, and feeling as if I were walking on air. The practitioner continued treatments for about two weeks, but I feel sure now that I received my healing with the first treatment. That was thirty-four years ago, and the healing has been permanent.

July 15, 1950

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