The Unsubstantiality of Obstacles

One summer afternoon a group of friends were cruising in a motorboat off the New England coast. On the return trip to their home port in the evening, they saw directly ahead of them a large and long island. They changed their course so as to go around it. After some time it was discovered that they were making no headway toward encircling it; that it was just as long and just as much in their way as before.

Then one of the party suggested that they find a chart, if possible, for that section of the coast and get their bearings. With the light of a lantern this was done, and a discovery of much importance to them was made. There was no island in that area. Learning from the chart of the unsubstantiality of what they had believed to be a formidable obstacle, they fearlessly changed their course, sailed through the apparent obstruction, which was only a mirage, and on to their destination.

April 20, 1946

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