Preparation for the Class

[From the Field]

Of vital importance are those precious moments each Sunday morning when teacher and pupil meet together in the Sunday school to listen for the voice of Truth, and together share the resulting unfoldment. That which is implanted in the child's thought, if it be of God, will inevitably come to fruition. There tore the work of teaching in a Christian Science Sunday School is at once a sacred responsibility, a joyous privilege, and a wonderful opportunity.

As a rule I find the available time seems all too short, but I am learning that here, as in human experience generally, quality is preferable to quantity. One session of inspired teaching is far more effective than many sessions of routine reading and uninspired discussion. I am learning, too, that the success of the teaching depends not only on the preparatory work of the week but also on the teacher's mental state at the commencement of the instruction, and often after the week's work. I find my final preparation on Sunday morning resolving itself into a quiet pondering of the opening verse of our Leader's poem feed My Sheep"' (Poems, p. 14). For how true it is of each of us that, as Jesus said of himself (John 5:30), "I can of mine own self do nothing"!

Testimony of Healing
"And God said, Let there be...
April 20, 1946

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