"Hear what the Spirit saith"

Should one look through a red glass at a white lily, he would seem to see a red lily. But there would be no red lily. So it is with humanity's problems. They consist of false mental pictures. Therefore the solution to these problems never lies within themselves, but always in the spiritual ideas which dispel the wrong pictures. Christian Science offers the solution in the words of the Revelator (Rev. 2:29), "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith."

The white lily may be likened to a spiritual idea; the red glass to erroneous material sense; the red lily to a false mental picture. The red glass misrepresents everything that is seen through it, but never changes anything. Material sense, like the red glass, presents false mental pictures, but it never really creates, or changes a spiritual idea.

Christian Science and Education
April 20, 1946

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