"I read you loud and clear"

[Of Special Interest to Young People]

In the Air Corps of the Allied Nations the graphic statement, "I read you loud and clear," is an expression used to designate perfect radio contact, when the transmitter is putting out at full strength, the receiver is properly tuned, and there is no outside interference.

An Army chaplain used this knowledge in his unusual briefing of the Seventh Army Air Force Heavy Bomber Group based at Palau. A delayed International News Service dispatch of November 20, 1944, quoted the chaplain's inspiring words which were passed on to the bomber crews in his last-minute check-up: "Remember, men, that while you're up there tomorrow, the Lord will have His receiving and sending station open at all times, on all channels and frequencies, and you are free to tune in on His channel or pray as often as you desire. There is no radio silence with God!"

The Heavenly Way
March 2, 1946

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