Man Is Inevitably Good

One of the hardest lessons for every mortal to learn is that he cannot think or act contrary to what is right, contrary to the absolute Principle which is God, and get away with it. God cannot be mocked. Yet mortals go on day after day, week after week, year after year, generation after generation, self-deceived in the belief that they can somehow evade the operation of divine law. They believe they can make frequent, or occasional, excursions into hell, indulge unworthy motives, tolerate bad habits, sinful indulgences, and various forms of carnal-mindedness, and yet keep a passport to heaven. It cannot be done.

One may do many things, and think many thoughts, that he would greatly dislike to have made public, and not get caught. But doing wrong and not getting caught is not something smart. It is something futile. It makes for inward rot, moral decay, and separation from God. Our judge is not the human persons around us, but our everywhere-present, all-knowing, all-seeing God, who makes our individuality.

Church Dedications
February 9, 1946

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