"Fear not, little flock"

Mankind is awakening to see that the perfection of God and man is a present and eternal reality, and that the belief in and fear of evil are illusions. In the degree that men realize the divine perfection, they come into the possession of their birthright as children of God, find the peace of Love, and realize the promise of the Master (Luke 12:32), "Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."

The material senses appear to present evidence in direct opposition to this fact, but we can confidently deny such evidence because it conflicts with the truth revealed in Christian Science that God is the primal and perfect cause of all that really exists. The student of this Science often approaches its study much in the spirit of the pioneer who goes into a new country to prepare the way for better things. However, because Truth is its own interpreter, he soon comes to understand in some measure how Truth operates to bless mankind.

Gypsy or Prince?
November 2, 1946

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