I am deeply grateful for all the...

I am deeply grateful for all the good that has been revealed to me since I began the study of Christian Science. I can see that no truly good thing has ever been withheld from me. The correct way to go and right decisions have always been revealed to me when I relied fully upon God. In instances where mistakes seem inevitable and a backward step almost certain, I am learning that good alone is inevitable, and I have always been privileged to take two steps forward for every step backward.

Since coming into the Army my desire to serve my country and my fellow man has been enriched and made more practical by Christian Science. Christian Science has not only made me a better soldier, but it has also enabled me to be of some help to others, and at the same time it has protected me under many trying circumstances. On one occasion, while changing guard, the soldier before me failed to unload his gun completely. Although I reminded him that he was carrying five shells in his gun, he insisted that he was carrying but four. Upon testing his gun to make certain that the piece was completely unloaded he removed four shells, pushed in the bolt, and pulled the trigger. The fifth shell exploded perilously near my head. The hearing in one of my ears was impaired for several days, but this condition soon disappeared as I held to the ever-presence and allness of good, or God. I felt a great sense of reassurance because of this strong proof of divine protection which I had experienced.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express gratitude for...
September 11, 1943

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