Our First Line of Defense

What activity is there that most needs our support today? Each one is being called on to answer this question. The Christian Scientist turns to the one Mind for his answer. In the present emergency, the teachings of Christian Science are of inestimable value, and Christian Scientists are eager to assist in bringing peace to mankind. The world needs those who have the vision of Spirit's supremacy, who are unafraid of evil's threatenings, who each day are capable of maintaining spiritual poise, who can share with their fellow men the truths of Christian Science, who can prove in some degree God's healing and protecting power.

As Christian Scientists, we must strengthen ourselves spiritually in order to contribute effectively to the establishment of righteousness. The human race is seeking no temporary peace between nations, but a fundamental peace based on the divine order, the unfoldment of God's good plan for one and all. In the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy we find the way. In our Churches of Christ, Scientist, we find the strength and enlightenment we need to carry on with concerted action the work of spiritualizing individual and world consciousness.

Not only our country but our churches call for a more fervent expression of loyalty at this time, that we may defend ourselves against that which would undermine our faith, limit our spiritual activity, disturb our harmony or that of our churches. Error's deceits would attempt to keep us from recognizing it for what it is, just as enemy propaganda appears in subtle form. Our wise and loving Leader says (Miscellaneous Writings, p.115). "The increasing necessity for relying on God to defend us against the subtler forms of evil, turns us more unreservedly to Him for help, and thus becomes a means of grace."

Joyous Learning
August 21, 1943

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