"The effect of every vision"

Those who are farsighted, and take long views in daily affairs, are credited with having vision, and this signifies that they look beyond those things which are immediately obvious to the senses. Some individuals are spoken of as visionary, by which it is meant that they are living in a mental atmosphere which is unrelated to the affairs of everyday living and therefore have lost their sense of proportion. To keep his vision of reality intact in face of the terrible events which may seem to be going on around him is the goal of the Christian Scientist.

To the prophet Ezekiel came the message, "The days are at hand, and the effect of every vision." The captivity of the Israelites in a foreign land had so worn away their trust in good that they had become accustomed to say, "The days are prolonged, and every vision faileth." But God's message came to waken them, and to inspire them with the absolute certainty that all true vision must bring its result, and that this effect is not appointed for some far-distant date, but is at hand.

The Third Commandment
August 14, 1943

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