Since I first heard of Christian Science...

Since I first heard of Christian Science in 1926 I have had much for which to be grateful.

One of the first healings I had was of nervousness and shyness when meeting strangers. This gradually dropped away without my realizing it until I was perfectly free. I have never been seriously ill, but I have had a number of healings, through Christian Science, of small ailments. One in particular was very helpful to me because it was instantaneous. It occurred one evening while I was attending a testimony meeting of the Christian Science Organization at Cambridge University, England, of which I am a member. Shortly after the service began I found myself feeling faint. By the time the last hymn came I could stand only with difficulty, but as soon as the service was over I managed to walk out into one of the other rooms in the building, where I collapsed on the floor. I was also feeling very sick. I was due to attend a business meeting after the service and I was very anxious to be there, but the suggestion came from mortal mind that now I was on the floor I could not possibly get to the meeting. Immediately I asked myself the question, "Where am I really?" And the answer came at once: "You are resting in divine Mind. You are, in reality, a perfect idea of divine Mind." In that instant the whole condition vanished, and within one minute I was in the room where the business meeting was to be held, feeling entirely normal.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude...
August 14, 1943

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