Christian Science and the Law of Nations

Progress is the law of man's being. In this time of world upheaval, the call has come to all Christian Scientists for more consecrated living and a higher understanding of the law of Life. Our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, says in "Rudimental Divine Science" (pp. 2, 3): "Healing physical sickness is the smallest part of Christian Science. It is only the bugle-call to thought and action, in the higher range of infinite goodness. The emphatic purpose of Christian Science is the healing of sin; and this task, sometimes, may be harder than the cure of disease; because, while mortals love to sin, they do not love to be sick."

Sin is a denial of God. Where, then, must this healing take place? First, within the individual himself. Then he can advance to the point where he is able to heal sin in others. As with an individual, so it is with a nation. Just as there have been examples of men who have so clearly understood their unity with God, Life, that they have been able to defy the powers that would attempt their destruction, and have come off victorious, so has the same clarity of vision preserved the lives of nations.

"Rejoiceth as a strong man"
June 20, 1942

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