The word "serene" in Webster's dictionary is defined in part as "shining with clear, steady light." And in the midst of the occultism, necromancy, hypnotism with which mortal mind would darken perception, serenity is a quality of inestimable value. Expressed by those who have attained this quality, as the result of spiritual understanding, its potency nullifies the darkness, and its light shines with the resplendence which reveals the presence of God. No greater contribution can be made to the establishing of peace on earth than letting the light of true spiritual serenity shine, feeding it continually with the oil of inspiration, tending it, and seeing that never a breath of doubt or discouragement, or a lack of balance through fear, can cause it to flicker or appear less bright.

In referring to the period of the advent of Christ Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy says (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 162): "From this dazzling, God-crowned summit, the Nazarene stepped suddenly before the people and their schools of philosophy; Gnostic, Epicurean, and Stoic. He must stem these rising angry elements, and walk serenely over their fretted, foaming billows." It was indeed with serenity that Jesus stepped forth, passing right over and yet amidst the vicissitudes of human existence, uplifting, supporting, healing, comforting, raising the dead; and it is now with the same purpose, and with humble desire, that Christian Scientists are endeavoring to obey Jesus' command "Go, and do thou likewise."

"One on God's side"
May 2, 1942

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