In the third installment of a series entitled "El milagro...

El Imparcial

In the third installment of a series entitled "El milagro y la farsa en la medicina," there appear erroneous statements about Christian Science, which show that the author of the articles is not informed about this religion. May I, therefore, have the privilege of making some corrections?

In the article referred to, mention is made of the use of mesmerism in the treatment of the sick, and it is stated that Christian Science patronizes and defends it. This remark alone shows the misunderstanding of this subject so apparent in the article. Christian Science does not advocate the use of mesmerism, but denounces and destroys it. In her famous textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," Mary Baker Eddy, its author, devotes an entire chapter to the subject of mesmerism or animal magnetism, tearing away the veil of this evil influence on the world and showing how it may be destroyed by right, spiritual thinking. Elsewhere in the textbook many forthright instructions are given which enable the student to destroy the effects of mesmerism.

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