The Student's Hand Mirror

Christian Scientists should consistently acknowledge that this is God's hour and the proof of being as spiritual is at hand, for Truth is urging its claims upon the world, and human belief is being brought face to face with the understanding of Life as God. Belief in an existence separate from God is being destroyed. The so-called human mind or mortal concept, accepting matter as real and as having sensation, is no longer able to deceive or be selfdeceived, and must yield to the spiritual facts.

What is this great force at work today in individual consciousness, which is destined to revolutionize and Christianize human existence? It is the unfolding idea of divine Science, or Christian Science, as revealed to Mary Baker Eddy. It is the Comforter, or final revelation of divine Truth and Love as promised by Christ Jesus. He acknowledged no existence separate from God, and because he demonstrated his oneness with the Father he was the Christexample for all time. Like Christ Jesus, Mrs. Eddy recognized man's spiritual origin and oneness with God, and thus became a transparency for Truth, bringing enlightenment to the world through "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and her other writings. To illustrate, the ray of light from the sun does not warm the earth because of its own shining, but because of its relation to the sun. Without that oneness there would be no warmth, and the light would cease to exist. Just so, we do not bring about health, happiness, completeness, or safety because of our human efforts, activities, struggles, and human relationships. These blessings are made manifest in our individual experience because of our conscious oneness with the Father. This oneness with divine Love is heaven, or spiritual consciousness. In this Christ-consciousness, or true identity, there is no opportunity for sin, disease, or death—no room for discord of any name or nature. This unity of God and man must be recognized, acknowledged, and demonstrated.

The Jurisdiction of Mind
March 1, 1941

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