Perfection the Standard of Being

IN human experience there is a necessity for standards of measurement for all quantitative materials, and the history of mankind includes various types of standards from the earliest accounts mentioned in Scripture to the modern meters used for measuring water, air, electricity, distance, and speed.

A useful gauge indeed is the common yardstick, and in the purchase of cloth or other material sold by the yard, it is obvious that each yard must be exactly the length of the stick — this three-foot rule. It is evident, too, that a piece of cloth containing even a fraction of an inch less than three feet would not be a yard. These measurements have to do only with material things, but may suggest the query, "Is there some standard or gauge which will be helpful to the seeker of Truth in his effort to grasp spiritual being, spiritual ideas, or things of a spiritual nature?"

The Joy of Mounting Footsteps
December 20, 1941

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