The teaching of Christian Science that sin, disease, and...

Hertfordshire Mercury

From Letters, Substantially as Published

The teaching of Christian Science that sin, disease, and suffering are not real has for many years been an object of scorn for certain people who are unwilling to give the subject earnest and unbiased study, but it should be remembered that the words "real" and "unreal" as used in Christian Science need to be understood. Christian Science does not accept as real the evidence of the five physical senses; it bases its conclusions upon the Bible statement that God created all that was made. The Bible defines God as Spirit, and as Love. Christian Science, therefore, logically teaches that sin, disease, suffering, and strife cannot emanate from God, divine Mind, but are illusory products of so-called mortal mind, and are accordingly unreal, because unknown to Mind. Upon this basis Christian Science heals the sick, acknowledging God to be the only creator and the only power.

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