Christian Science Changes Human Viewpoints

Generally speaking, mortals accept what the material sense tell them. They believe that what they see with their eyes is real; that what their ears report to them is real; that what the sense of touch tells them is real. They believe, on the authority of these senses, that they live in a material body, and that they are cognizant of a vast material universe existing in unfathomable space. The last thing which mortals, spiritually unenlightened, will deny is the evidence of the material senses.

A few sentences on pages 293 and 294 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, entirely reverse the point of view presented to mortals by material sense. They read: "The five physical senses are the avenues and instruments of human error, and they correspond with error. These senses indicate the common human belief, that life, substance, and intelligence are a unison of matter with Spirit. This is pantheism, and carries within itself the seeds of all error." Thus, in Christian Science, the material or physical senses, with which is associated the belief that matter is real and that life is dependent on matter or on a union of matter and Spirit, are regarded as false or erroneous. The senses upon which mortals place such reliance never report anything real, never make known the truth about real being. In testifying as they appear to do about so-called matter, they are deluding mankind. In witnessing to evil and the seeming effects of evil, they are blinding mankind to the truths of perfect spiritual being.

"The heart of prayer"
July 22, 1939

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