Armaments of Peace

In the parable of the laborers in the vineyard, the Master, Christ Jesus, brought out that even to the laborers hired in the eleventh hour a full wage was given. From the human standpoint it may seem unjust to have paid those workers who had given the full day's measure of labor no more than those who worked only in the final hour of the day. The lesson, however, is a spiritual one. It refers to the full and abundant wage of divine Love that is bestowed upon those who come early or late to labor in the vineyard of God, who are early or late in applying what they know of Christ, Truth. The blessings from on high are throughout eternity, and opportunity is ever present if men but open their eyes to see it. The reward of the righteous is ever available to those who seek it.

The work of the laborer in the vineyard of our Lord is more far-reaching in its importance and possible results than can be seen by mortal eye. His work is to express God to his highest understanding of what God, good, is. Christian Science has brought to men the teaching that makes correct spiritual understanding of God a present possibility. What each one needs is to learn more of God, and to express that knowledge in manifesting the qualities of Truth and Love. For as men manifest more and more of good they bring about the destruction of those seeming forces of mortal mind that make for war and chaos.

Surrendering to God
July 22, 1939

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