Bible Notes

"Let love be without dissimulation" (Rom. 12:9)—The Greek word here translated "without dissimulation" is "anupokritos," which comes from the same root as our word "hypocrisy"; though being preceded by the negative prefix "an" it can be rendered "unfeigned," which, indeed, is the translation given for the same Greek word in our Common Version of II Corinthians 6:6 (compare Abbott-Smith: Greek Lexicon, p. 43). Moffatt renders: "Let your love be a real thing;" and Goodspeed: "Your love must be genuine."

"Continuing instant in prayer" (Rom. 12:12)—The verb rendered "continuing instant" is derived from a root which means "strong or steadfast," hence its various meanings, such as "attend constantly, continue steadfastly, adhere to, wait" (see Abbott-Smith: op. cit., p. 385). The Twentieth Century New Testament suggests: "persevering in prayer." Among the early translators, Wycliffe had: "busy in prayer"; Tyndale and Cranmer: "Continue in prayer"; and the Genevan Version: "continuing in prayer." In our own day, the Riverside New Testament has: "constant in prayer"; and Moffatt: "Attend to prayer."

Testimony of Healing
I am glad to send this testimony in return for the privilege...
July 22, 1939

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