I am always glad to share the many beautiful healings...

I am always glad to share the many beautiful healings experienced by me or by members of my family. To mention just a few: I have been healed of scarlet fever in four days' time; chronic constripation; colds; an impediment of speech, supposedly inherited; also of loneliness, self-pity, and grief, which were overcome in an incredibly short time after the passing on of my dear husband. I have witnessed in my family the healing of peritonitis and an instantaneous healing of a hand injured in an electric wringer. Within fifteen minutes after the accident occurred, not a trace of this experience remained.

Christian Science is of inestimable value to me in business. It has helped me on two occasions to sell, at a fair price, pieces of real estate for which I no longer had any use. These occurred during the so-called depression, when real estate moved very slowly.

Testimony of Healing
My attention was first drawn to Christian Science in...
May 27, 1939

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