Salvation, not Condemnation

Spiritual understanding and salvation are inseparable, for this understanding, born of Spirit, apprehends God, good. Plato gave utterance to a profound truth when he said, "What thou seest, that thou beest." To see good and express what he sees is the Christian Scientist's paramount purpose. Of the one who has "clean hands, and a pure heart," it is written in Psalms, "He shall receive the blessing from the Lord, and righteousness from the God of his salvation." God-bestowed righteousness is unsullied and permanent. On this basis, whoever maintains the activity of true thinking by his reflection of the one Mind shall and does "receive the blessing from the Lord."

If we are experiencing discord in any direction, we need to discover in what respect we are agreeing with and submitting to the discordant evidence of the physical senses. Having discovered the nature of the lapse, we can resolutely and permanently turn away from the error to the truth of being, and thereby demonstrate harmony. Each one of us can awaken to use the law of salvation still more energetically and co-operate still more consistently with the healing power of Truth.

Notes from the Publishing Society
July 23, 1938

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