Redeeming the Past

Today Christian Science is enabling its adherents to demonstrate, with scientific assurance, the fact that there is but one creator and one creation. The one and only creator, God, is good, and therefore His spiritual creation is altogether good. And since God, Spirit, Mind, is the only creator of the universe, inclusive of man, the nature of man is likewise good. Man reflects God, Truth. Truth is infinite and eternal, and because of its infinite and eternal nature it is changeless.

In order to detect a counterfeit dollar one must be thoroughly acquainted with the genuine dollar. So spirituality enables one to discern between good and evil. In so far as one's thinking is good it is true. Nothing short of reality can be accepted as true consciousness. For one's thought to be spiritualized, one must think the truth about God, man, and the universe. Here the question arises, But what can one do to destroy false or untrue human thinking, which claims to be very real? One may believe that by forgetting human experiences one can eradicate them from thought. The human mind claims that time effaces the effects of unwholesome, unhappy images of disease, accident, crime, war, loss, misunderstanding, and disappointment. But the Preacher dispels this illusion when he says, "God requireth that which is past."

God Is Everywhere
November 27, 1937

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