When Christian Science was first presented to me I became...

When Christian Science was first presented to me I became antagonistic to it. Fresh from college, where daily chapel attendance had been compulsory, and with a smattering of psychology, I rebelled against any presentation of a subject which included God and Christ Jesus. But I was attracted by the character and disposition of the lady who introduced this Science to our family. I little thought, at that stage of my experience, that I was gradually drawing nearer the certain realization and acknowledgment that Christian Science is the truth.

The unexpected occurred. I experienced revelation, direct revelation from God; and this at a time when I had ceased to read the Bible, to attend church, or to pray. While sitting by the bedside of a sick relative during three successive nights, I had this wonderful experience. The first night I became conscious of a strange feeling of peace and happiness stealing over me. The second night this feeling grew much stronger. During the third night the revelation was complete; "the rays of infinite Truth" were "gathered into the focus of ideas," as Mrs. Eddy says in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 504). I knew then that Christian Science is the truth that Jesus taught and practiced. I had entered a new world. A great sense of love flooded my consciousness; and I was aware of certain fundamental truths of Christian Science, including the fact that the physical body is but a picture drawn by mortal thought, having no reality in Truth. I came downstairs the next morning and told my mother that I believed in Christian Science Subsequent experience has amply confirmed those first impression of twelve years ago.

Testimony of Healing
I have had many wonderful healings in Christian Science...
March 23, 1935

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