I wish to acknowledge my gratitude for Christian Science...

I wish to acknowledge my gratitude for Christian Science, and above all I am sincerely grateful for our revered Leader, the greatest religious leader the world has known since the time of Jesus the Christ. I am grateful because she re-established his teaching together with its practice, for through the study and application of this Science I have experienced many marvelous healings and blessings.

Christian Science was presented to me over twenty years ago, but I did not accept it seriously or realize its healing touch until several years later when, through an unhappy experience, I drifted into the wilderness and the darkness of mortal beliefs. From a medical viewpoint I was in a very serious condition, suffering from a severe nervous breakdown, misplacement of internal organs, and head and nasal catarrh, which caused deafness in one ear. Daily treatment was administered by a physician for the chronic throat trouble, but relief was only temporary, for throughout the succeeding years suppurative tonsillitis and much throat trouble continued in evidence. At last it was suggested that relief might be gained by my going to California. After spending eight months there, we returned to my native state in the Midwest. Two sanatoriums were tried, but I grew steadily worse, and finally five physicians informed a member of my family that two months would be the limit of my earthly existence. With my mother and two young children I returned to California to die. Soon after arriving here I entered a rest home, and a Christian Science practitioner lovingly took up work for me. In two months I was dismissed from the home, greatly benefited, although a great sense of fear still held me in bondage. We went to live in the home of a relative, a Christian Scientist, and the work of the practitioner was continued.

Testimony of Healing
Some six years ago, when life seemed uncertain and...
March 23, 1935

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