A deep longing to learn what and where God is, to find...

A deep longing to learn what and where God is, to find Him not a God of vengeance and punishment, demanding patient submission under our burdens of sickness and want, but a God of love, as my heart told me He must be—a great desire to understand the Bible even in the slightest degree, to find the light that would make this remarkable enigmatical volume the fountain from which would flow strength and counsel for everyday experiences—these were the spiritual promptings that drove me to investigate Christian Science. I can truly say that this new-old religion has amply given me what I was seeking, has proved to be the firm rock for which I had been praying, the ceaseless fount from which blessings continually flow. The wonderful words of the Bible have to me become radiant, palpable truths.

From an overflowing heart I gratefully testify to the power of the Word as the great healer of discordant physical conditions. From early childhood I had suffered from a painful eczema on my chin. Medical help had been sought without avail; the condition would manifest itself regularly, spring and fall, with intense itchings, blisters, and sores, lasting three or four weeks. Over four years ago the eruption appeared anew. At that time I had glimpsed enough of Christian Science teachings to understand that if I could wholly trust the power of the Word and give up every notion of material remedies I should be healed. With the slight understanding I had I tried to see the nothingness of the trouble, and these wonderful words from Isaiah came to me: "The crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain." My thought became illumined. I was instantaneously healed, and I rejoice to be able to state that the healing has remained permanent.

Testimony of Healing
Through Christian Science our family has been wonderfully...
March 23, 1935

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