Our True Independence

Life is God, Spirit, the Scriptures inform us. As the expression of Life, man has perfect freedom, complete harmony, and is wholly governed by God's law. Man, whose consciousness reflects God, has dominion and power. He relies on the infinite intelligence to guide, protect, and sustain him, and rejoices in the abundance, the beauty, the glory and majesty, of the divine universe. He praises God for the purity, unity, justice, health, and peace that prevail in spiritual creation. He holds a clear realization of dependence upon God alone.

Opposed to this true or spiritual state is the false mortal belief that life is dependent upon the five physical senses. From this material or mortal mind viewpoint there appears to be much misery; sin seems to prevail, and everything ends in what is called death. But, pointing to spiritual deliverance from this discordant mental condition, Paul declares, "The creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God." These words are a source of inspiration to the student of Christian Science who has learned that it is dependence upon the physical senses that brings us into bondage, and that deliverance comes as we place our entire dependence upon God, Spirit.

Notwithstanding the Verdict
November 30, 1935

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